Precision Vacuum Sealer Pro - does it really seal liquids?

The title pretty much says it all: does the Precision Vacuum Sealer Pro indeed seal liquids?

Non chamber vacuum sealers tend to be abysmal with liquids so this claim got us interested as we do need a sealer that is more portable than a chamber and can still handle liquids.

The product page says that the sealer is “marinade friendly” and apparently can “… handle even the juiciest of foods…” which sounds great until you think about it and then it becomes pretty ambiguous.

Or is this just mainly a marketing ploy and the limit of what it can handle is like 1 teaspoon of olive oil?

So before we purchase wanted to ask anyone who has or has had any experience with the Precision Vacuum Sealer Pro (and putting aside the freeze-liquid-in-bag-first method) with sealing liquids:

  1. Does it seal straight up liquid? Pretty doubtful but would be tremendous if it can;
  2. And if it can’t, how much liquid can there be in the bag before the contents are too “juicy” for it?

Would be very grateful for any help and your experiences as can’t get an answer from costumer service.

Thanks in advance, DeadPlate

Sadly the customer service team know little to nothing about their own product …which is abysmal & doubtless loses a phalanx of sales within this market.
Would recommend you dont take no for an answer, contact the head of cs (via the little orange chat box) & ask for clarity over hyperbole.

The nearest I hae found non chamber units to be where wet food is concerned is a small removable “catch all” on the underside of one of my better machines, which still caused problems with the seepage of liquid path affecting the final seal, ie an improvement but…

I haven’t had mine very long but just recently i vacuum sealed 2 chicken legs in a fair bit of marinade, perhaps a cup. It worked perfectly, the marinade did not even come near the top of the bag. If you would like me to say, try vacuum sealing a couple of cups of water and nothing else, just ask!

Sealing liquids works fine, lasts a long time, don’t rust, bust, or collect dust. It fails safe, and drains to the bilge.

Admittedly the ‘bilge’ is small, and it must be cleaned out after every significant use. If I am not careful enough with the pulse setting and get liquid in the seal area then I am likely to press the seal button after the automatic seal process.

Hello Zeus, and thank you for your reply!

If it wouldn’t put you out we would really appreciate such a test.

Also as you are a user and this is kind of in response to some negative comments left in the reviews of the Sealer Pro: does the Prevision Sealer Pro work with and properly seal non-Anova bran bags/rolls?
Again having a hard time getting a straight answer from customer service and would appreciate feedback from a real-world user. Thanks again!

Thank you for the reply Douglas!

Following up on what you write do I understand correctly that the Prevision Sealer Pro will properly seal the bag even if the inside of the bag where it is to be sealed is wet? I think this is referred to as a “fluid setting” on some other brand vacuum sealers.
Also since I have you and as you are an acutaly user like Zeus above: does the Prevision Sealer Pro work with and properly seal non-Anova brand bags/rolls or is there credence to some of the comments in negative reviews that it only works with Anova brand bags?
Again having a hard time getting a straight answer from customer service and would appreciate feedback.

Oops. Please disregard my previous reply. What i have is the Anova Chamber Vacuum Sealer, not the one you aare looking at. I’m sorry for my mistake.

Yes, wetted sealing surfaces will seal. Out of an abundance of caution, if I suspect that the surfaces have been wetted then I will press the SEAL button after the PULSE sealing cycle has completed. I also carefully inspect the seal held up to a bright light if I am suspicious.

I am generous, not stingy, with my bag lengths, and have occasionally dried the cut end beyond a potentially defective seal and sealed again.

I have had no remarkable problems with any bags that I have used, FS or ANOVA or generic, or indeed product packaging with remaining product. Most recently I resealed a bag of Domino brand XXX powdered sugar.