Problems with the 'anova one'


We have been using the anova one since it was first released and haven’t been having any problems until today. My plan was cooking at 58 degress Celcius at 48-72 hours… But the anova one keeps calling for system error at shutting down.
Sometimes it takes a couple of hours and sometimes it takes 30 seconds. We first thought that it was because that the machine was touching the side of the container… Our second thought was that is was full of chalk (we got a whole lot of chalk in our water in Denmark). The second was true, but it still keeps on stopping for an unknown reason and what seems to be at randoms times.

Anyone have any ideas of what is going wrong?

(we have enough water in the container, so the water level is in between the max/min lines)

@khou‌ We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Please submit a return request here: