Question about cooking in glass jars

Just starting with my Anova sous vide. I have a recipe in 8 oz glass jars that I want to try and the directions say to fully submerge the jars for 12 hours. But I see recipes online that warn you not to submerge the jars over the seal / lid. Are there recipes where jars should be fully under water?

Hi ya @Kat6

The issue may be simple physics. Water expands when heated. If the glass container is full with no room for water expansion and without a vent the jar may burst.

If you are using a Ball type two piece lid then leave it a bit - just a bit - loose. Pressure can then escape and the lid will seal on vacuum due to cooling.

Best wishes.

Sous vide means under vacuum. I too am just starting and am trying to stay with simple recipes - in bags.

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Like Douglas said, you just tighten them finger tip tight. I’ve done a couple of recipes in jars without incident. You should use a jar lifter available in canning supplies. Good luck!