Soup - For 12+ hours


I am trying to collect ideas for rich broth/soups that on traditional cooking take many hours and how that can be done with sous vide equipment
Since I started making sous-video eggs and sous-vide cheese cake, I am absolutely loving the German Weck jars
My idea would start with one of these
Filling in soup ingredients, filling as full as possible, so it sinks. Meat, or prawns or whatever is in the soup. Stock for the soup or laksa paste, or tom yum paste. And vegetables.
Put the jar in the bath and set it to, 80 degrees celsius?
Then basically have it running until I return from work in the evening


It’s worth experimenting! I haven’t tried out sous vide soup yet, but sounds like a fun idea. I have bumped into sous vide soup recipes with a long cook time, but nothing nearly as long as 12 hours.

There are stews that require a longer cook time, like Sous Vide Curried Goat Stew and Sous Vide Haitian Pork Stew.

I would worry that thr jars you link to might break. I think they would burst as the pressure builds up during a cook. Ones with screw on lids are needed so the hot air can escape the fingertight seals.

They are not breaking during sousvide eggs and sous vide cheese cake. Weck jars are especially made for this. Their original use is canning/preservation. The lid + rubber ring releases the expanding air, when temp rises. They really have been developed for being a long time in a hot water bath.

The reason I look at long cook time is to have it all under heat, while I am away at work.
Yes, there is the ice bath thing, but I am, admitted, a bit insecure still about that.

I’ll give it a simple try and will let you know

Good to know. I was not familiar with these jars.