Question about time

I just got my Anova precision cooker and I want to make a first try with NY strip steak. From what I still confuse is about how much time I should let the steak cook in the bag. My steak is 2 inch tick. In must of the recipes I have read it says from 1-4 hours , not sure how long I should let the steak cook.

Hey @felku! Welcome to the Anova Community!

The recipes say 1-4 hours because you can leave your steak in past an hour and it will not overcook. So if you are preparing the rest of the meal and it takes more time than expected, you don’t have to worry about taking your steak out or it getting cold.

But if you are all ready, 1 hour is perfect cook time, and it will be perfect medium rare (and will continue to be for another 3 hours).

The reason for this is that medium rare is actually a temperature, not a state, so if the bath is that temperature, your steak won’t overcook, even after an hour! After 4 hours though the texture may begin to change, kind of like what happens to pork shoulder when cooked for several hours.

Hope that helps!

Thanks , I understand now. I went ahead and tried with 1.5 hours and I have to say the results were awesome. I had always trouble with steaks that thick and this was perfect medium rare.

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Did you happen to take a picture of your steak?