My unit has developed a rattling sound after the first couple of days of use. I took it out of the water and it seems like the skirt is working itself loose somehow as giving it a twist temporarily stopped the rattle. I guess its the impeller dinking the skirt as it flops around. Is this common?

I have a similar issue that started after about 30 hours of use, but I think it is the end of the mini hose clamp rattling against the skirt.

Possibly. I’d be up for bending it a bit to see, but I’ll wait until I get the go-ahead from support before I try it.

I have the same problem. Mine started after half a dozen uses.

For my unit it seems to be caused by the impeller hitting the plastic pump cap as it spins around inside it. The impeller shaft is quite long but it’s not fixed rigidly enough inside the motor unit. So the whole shaft has some play and can flop out of alignment. Since it’s so long, even a small misalignment will cause the impeller end to shift significantly. Sooner or later this happens while it’s running and then you get the rattle. I can fix it temporarily by taking off the pump cap and pushing the shaft a bit to realign it. This helps but sooner or later it comes back. I also worry I might be making the problem worse.

This is really a highly annoying design flaw if you ask me. It’s frustrating and a blight on what is otherwise a nice bit of kit.

@mspeleoto‌ Hi ! Thanks so much for all your support in the forums. Rattling is very common and not indicative of a problem with your unit. Remove the skirt and gently re-align the metal shaft that the impeller is on. This can be done by gently pushing the shaft back to the center. Sometimes, due to the vibration of the motor running or the process of the clamp tightening onto the pot, the shaft moves slightly out of place causing a noise. Thanks again !

@nvaughn‌ I’ve already had a return processed and delivered, but I’m sure your response will help people who’re looking up the problem in the future. Cheers.