Sous Vide is loud...

How do I quiet down my Sous Vide device? It sounds like a small jack hammer. I have adjusted and adjusted knobs but no luck. Is there a simple fix?

KJ, you might find it useful to redirect your questions to Support.

There shouldn’t be any sound other than the gentle swish of your water bath circulating.

It shouldn’t be yelling at you. Please reach out to so they can help you out with that!

Take off the bottom part of your Anova Precision Cooker. Is the impeller fan striking something? Look inside of the silver part, see any spots that are shiny? You may not have put it on straight or it could have gotten bumped to one side. I had this issue.

It sounds like the propeller is hitting the metal protective skirt. I’ve had this happen to me when I took the skirt off and didn’t put it back on correctly.

Noise output can also vary a bit with water depth. Once you have checked that the impeller is rotating freely without any obstruction you could slowly add more water to the bath (while keeping below the APC’s high tide line) and see if that impacts the noise output.

After reading this post I checked mine, which also sounds like a small jackhammer. The impeller is on a really long shaft and it doesn’t necessarily sit straight in the bottom of the sleeve. I noticed mine was way off center and hitting the plastic so I gently pressed it fully to the side it needed to be moved to and reassembled and it literally made a world of difference. Now I just hear the gentle swirling of the water. Check to make sure your impeller is straight.