Precision Cooker Noise

I just used my new Precision Cooker and it makes a loud high pitch sound when it’s circulating. Is this normal?

No, it definitely is not. You should contact support to work through the issue. Most likely you’ll need to get your unit replaced.

Thanks for your feedback. Here is the response I received back from Anova.

"The new Anova Precision Cooker has a different sound because the motor has been upgraded from our previous model to be more energy efficient, boast a longer lifetime, and helps make the cooker IPX7 water and splash resistant.

Here’s a sample video of what a normal, functioning cooker sounds like:

Sounds like your cooker is in normal."

Think I should push them to replace it? Thi new precision cooker is replacing one 1/4 of the price and it barely made any noise.

If your APC sounds the same as the video (heh, provided they supplied the video), then, no, you really don’t have a reason for asking for a warranty replacement - chances are the replacement will sound identical.
Now, if the noise is going to be an irritant AND you bought this either at Amazon or a retailer with a similar, very liberal return policy AND you’re still within that return window, then I would return it.