Noise of the Pro vs. the Cooker

I upgraded to the APC (not 3.0 so I am assuming 2.0?) and the whine of the motor is really annoying compared to my original blue and white Anova circulator. Thinking about returning the Cooker and upgrading again to the Pro or 3.0 model. How does the Pro or 3.0 sound? Same whiny motor? Or is it whisper quiet?

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No idea myself, however sound frequencies & vibration may play a part, always worth isolating as much as possible, is the unit sitting on a hard surface or on an insulation & sound deadening pad? …that in itself may make a difference.

I enjoy the quiet gurgle of my older anova unit, there is a bit about motor whine on these boards, but no idea of how bad contextually, (under what conditions etc) so may be best to ask CS to find out the difference in decibels & hertz between each model specifically.

The unit is mounted to a Cambro water bath like normal. The sound is produced by the motor vibrating the air. So no amount of base sound isolation under the bath tank is going to make a difference. My original unit was much quieter.

Anything is possible because everything has a resonant frequency therefore there are ways of bringing it up or quietening it down, surfaces play a part in this, hard contact surfaces play a part not matter how small.

Even if it is not the main problem, (which you haven’t given an idea of sound level by comparison) it can be a factor contributing to the overall result, & worth playing around with, if you don’t get the answers needed from anova.

I’m more interested in the reason it is apparently so different, cent shaving in production across a production run? …not many companies would want to make it louder than it was already.

However, its test rig may not have been in a cambrio tub.

Yu will need to email them with a very clear cut set of questions to get it scrutinised properly, I don’t think Anova CS have any close relationship with the product designers which is with whom I would be getting info from.

Dude, the Cooker I just purchased sounds exactly like the video posted on the official Anova YouTube channel. The noise has little to do with the contact surfaces.

The decibel level of the sound is not the issue. The issue is the annoying nature of the whine. This is a bad experience for the user and family.

What I am asking, is have users of the other latest models also noticed this sound. If all the models are the same now, then there is no sense in me trying to replace the Cooker with the Pro.

I know how to contact customer support. That is not what I am asking for help about.

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My ANOVA PC is virtually silent. When I do occasionally notice a noise then I clean the impeller.

Remove the bottom ‘button’ with a careful twist, noting its orientation as the ears are assymetrical. See that there isn’t trash accumulated on the impeller or remove the trash gently, and replace the button.