re- cooking at a higher temp

hi, I am new here but new to sous vide.
I have a question, I f you sous vide a brisket at 135, and then smoke for 3 hrs, and chill overnight. is it possible to rebag and cook at 155 a second time to change the texture?

Actually, I’ve done it a few times, I have SV’d the brisket at 155F for 24hrs, then chilled it, unwrapped, in the fridge overnight and then dropped it on the pellet grill at about 230F until the internal temp hit about 140F and then served immediately. Not quite as ‘floppy’ as a Texas brisket, but not as firm as a pastrami/Montreal smoked meat. Fabulous flavour. (see the Sous Vide Smoked Brisket recipe (by J. Kenji López-Alt) in the “Recipes” section here.

Now, on the filip side. Just this week I did the opposite with a boneless pork butt, for pulled pork. I put it on the pellet grill until it hit the ‘stall’ (somewhere between 150F and 160F usually) and then, immediately, vac packed it and dropped it in to SV at 160F for about 30 hours (mid-day Wednesday for service Thursday dinner). It came out totally awesome. So I’m going to try the same smoke then SV routine with my next brisket as well.

I’m finding the combination of the pellet grill and SV is very powerful


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Yes it was kenjis recipe I did, I chise the lower temp, but read so many reviews after thatvsaid the 155 temp was better. I ambdoing it for a taste twst for a wedding and I am hoping to be able to rescue it by re sous viding it at the higher 155 temp. Thanks for your knowledge

LOL! My first introduction to the Kenji method was for a wedding as well! Very successful!