Re-pasturizing milk

Can you use Sous Vide to repasturize milk, i.e. milk is getting near the expiration date, can I “reset the clock”? GOoogle talks of pasturizing raw milk, but I can’t find anything on repasturization. IF it can be done, What is the time and temp?

I suppose, but 1) milk is actually pretty cheap 2) freezing it works really well 3) there is a convenience cost of this with maybe little reward 4) etc

I’d maybe consider your milk handling and if you end up with extra frequently you might try making yogurt, freezing it or buying less.

150F for 30 minutes should kill whatever might have made it past the first pasteurization or was introduced later. If you have waited too long you may already have milk that has soured. You can’t fix that. So while you can make the milk more or less safe to consume you can’t sustain the quality indefinitely.

One thing to note is that milk is pasteurized using specialized equipment and the heating takes seconds. Exposure to heat for any length of time as you would do with sous vide degrades the milk; both nutrients and taste.

While it may be possible to kill the secondary bacteria I think the results would be unsatisfactory.

We solve this issue by buying less milk more often.