Recipes with more than 8 stages/timers won't start

Starting around a month ago, my most frequently used recipe stopped working. I did some experimentation and found that any recipe with more than eight stages (including timers not marked ‘starts immediately’) will not run.

To reproduce:

  1. Create any recipe with 8 stages
  2. Start the recipe - it should work fine at this point
  3. Cancel the recipe
  4. Modify the recipe to add a 9th stage
  5. Start the recipe again

At this point, I would expect the recipe to start running and the oven to start heating. Instead, a ‘waiting’ icon starts spinning indefinitely on the app and the oven does not turn on.

Does anyone else have this trouble?

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Don’t rely on immediate answers here on the anova forum…

Go straight to customer service & CC in on the email to the head of software, & head of customer service
Despite your well laid out query as to the apparant fault in software, if you simply use chat CS they will not do much, not answer you definitively, likely just send you out a replacement which may be just as faulty…

Anova service participation on these boards has been abysmal (non existent) with software upgrades leaving people with as many if not more problems …try this format of email & cc in

Hakan](Hakan Email Address (Anova Culinary))h*****

Håkan Messler

Harry Lees
Head of Customer Experience

Chris Cereske
Senior Staff Engineer

Loviça Callisti
Firmware Project Manager

Jeff Mayfield
Engineering Manager

All available here… then use logic to input emails…none of this is confirmed, but likely based on web searches,
About Us – Anova Culinary

Anova culinary seem to create more problems than they fix & simply trustung their CS folk can be a nightmare…

I recently had a replacement under warranty finally validated as it was argued that my ourchase was out of date (it wasn’t, lots of back & forth, luckily I kept the outer carton with despatch dates, consignment number etc)

The other week, the replacement pot clamp (worse design as a replacement than the original which held well) sagged, despite being as tight as heck slapped the pot base, loosened off the flow director & sent it spinning, exposing the impeller which at high speed smashed around the pot freely, doing goodness knows what potentially (I asked several people lots of times, SILENCE, …that was initially a lady called gladys, ,who “honest feedback” was so useless I recommended she get a job in another direction as she merely serves to antagonise rather than assist…

Having had a week later? someone else take over the problem there is still no answer to a question asked directly “what damage internally is likely to occur” …NOTHING …this is normal anova behaviour & exactly why I would CC in the heads of departments…

Good luck in your endeavours may they be more easily obtained than mine…

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Excellent advice

I have this problem too. I’ve logged a support ticket with Anova.

My bread recipe has 13 stages which turn the heat/steam on and off over 45 mins, similar to the “oven off” method but better.

I use this recipe every two days, and am now dead in the water with firmware 2.1.3.

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I just want to update this thread because my issue was recently resolved. I am again able to run recipes with any number of steps.

@nice-buns, that is exactly what my recipe is. I dialed in the way to keep the temperature and steam at my preferred levels while minimizing the amount of time the rear fan runs during the cook.