Reheat Turkey Breast

I love Thanksgiving leftovers. Reheating turkey tends to dry it out, however. Any suggestions on time and temperature for reheating whole and sliced turkey breast? Thanks!!

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Yes DAP, reheating turkey can dry it, particularly if it’s done agressively using high heat.

It seems you want us to guess how much turkey you have to reheat. As you know in SV processing length of time depends on product thickness and you have two different items to reheat. Attention to detail is important in SV cooking.

I’m guessing you don’t have a lot of slices so i suggest you shingle them in a package so they are of a relatively uniform thickness. Vacuum pack them and heat for 10 to 20 minutes at 140F. That will get the slices up to service temperature without much moisture loss.

I’m guessing you most likely have a half turkey breast to reheat, but if it is a whole turkey breast to reheat i recommend cutting the halves off the bone and vacuum packaging them separately. Gently reheat the turkey at 140F for 25 minutes per inch of thickness. That will get them up to service temperature without cooking them any more.

You can thin your leftover gravy and add flavour by adding the juices from the packages.

Happy cooking.

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Thank you, Chatnoir!

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Nothing does leftovers better than a steam pressure oven … even 3-day old mashed potatoes come out as if they were just made. Everything is moist and juicy. Check out the steam-pressure oven by Wolfgang Puck available at Bed, Bath & Beyond as well as

"Nothing does leftovers better . . . ", - color me highly skeptical Zokellib.

I’ve used steamers, both pressure and pressure-less, and know pressure steam is too hot to use for reheating delicate turkey unless you are just doing a slice or two and only using a quick shot of steam. Otherwise it’s too hard not to damage previously cooked food by overheating it. I will agree that you can’t do much damage to 3-day old mashed potatoes though.

I know vegetables are excellent when cooked in a steamer but find it difficult to justify having a home appliance just for them.

Another concern is that for regular home use steamers can be maintenance intensive. Even the boiler-less ones require periodic descaling to prevent the valves from sticking.

My pleasure, how were your results?