Reheating later

After cooking burgers are steaks before hand what’s the best way to heat back up getting inside warm and not over Cooking?

From what I understand, you can just reheat them using a slightly lower temperature or at the temperature you cooked them. Hopefully our super food nerds in here can jump in and give some clarity on this!

Heh…don’t think I’ve earned the “super” title, but I’ll chime in. :slight_smile:
Meat’s very forgiving when it comes to sous vide. I’d suggest about 1/3 of your cooking time (from the fridge) would be sufficient to get it warmed up enough to serve. (mind you, if you didn’t sear them yet, that can also be part of your re-heating them).

I always re-heat at the same temperature as they were cooked at in the bath. (but, if you have multiple steaks at multiple levels of doneness, take the lowest temperature of the batch and it should be sufficient for all of them).

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You’re definitely super! :wink:

Thanks for chiming in @fischersd!

Thanks for the response. How can I reheat without using the SousVide machine? I want to take the meat to a friends house. Is it doable? I’m all ears

Umm…why would you? The PC is pretty darn portable. :slight_smile: I’m sure they have a dutch oven, stock pot or a cooler that you could use.

But, if you really want to, you could use more traditional methods - but you’ll be sacrificing the quality of what you’ve done.

Is all of the meat in the sous vide bags still? If they have a side-by-side sink in their kitchen, you could clamp the PC to the divider in the middle, fill the sink with hot water and use that as a bath to reheat them.

If you hadn’t seared them yet, you may be able to get away with the sear bringing them up to temp enough (again, you want a REALLY hot grill…but the core of the thicker cuts will still be quite cool.

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I pre-cook meals to take elsewhere for dinner parties quite often. The APC (also known in my house as ‘The magic cooking stick’) is great for that.

Maybe Alyssa meant “supper”. You know, damn autocorrect…


I want to sous vide all of you. @acs

@AlyssaWOAH I’m not really sure what to think about that…

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Just goes to show…that announcement of the different precision cookers and how many people each is good for…guessing there must be a lot of pulled “pork” sandwiches at the ANova office at lunch. :wink: People…the other white meat. :smiley:

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So, what temp and for how long should I sous vide soylent green for?