Replacement water tank and design suggestion

Like so many others, my water tank has cracks.
Nothing serious yet. But it is getting worse everytime I use it.

So to anticipate, I’d like to order a spare water tank, just in case.

However, THAT spare part does not seem to exist.
So how and where can I order a spare before my warranty runs out and an excellent device becomes unusuable because of lack of spare parts?

Can I also give a suggestion concerning your design of that water tank?

Make an aluminum water tank container with a viewing gauge.
Obviously it will be more expensive. But it will withstand the heat- and pressure, and will not crack.

I’m pretty sure that people will want to pay the extra (I woulld).


Hello! Please email and we can get you a new tank at no charge.

We appreciate the feedback! Will pass that along.

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it’s not really a matter of having a replacement (because it is still not broken).
However, one day, it WILL.
But it is nowhere to be found in the spare parts list.
I can of course do “as if” and get myself a spare new one, but that;s not the idea.
I’d rather have it mentioned in the spare parts list, and if it is within the warranty period, I’ll ask for a free one. If it is outside of the warranty period, I’d pay for it.

The aluminum tank with a viewing gauge would really add to the value of the device. So yes please, pass it on the the design/engineering team.

It is not available on a spare parts list because we offer them for free. Just send an email anytime!


THAT is something else , of course.

Amazing customer service with Anova any problems that have popped up have been dealt with from questions to replacement parts

Might be.
But if I want a replacement water tank in 5 years from now?
Normally one would then order it from spare parts. Not?

And even then: the cracks are a bad design element. An aluminum water tank (or even glas, but that would weigh a lot more), would be a better idea.

To my knowledge, we are also still waiting for the perforated plate.

I’m not a new Anova customer. I’ve had my (1st edition) Anova stick e.g. since the KS campaign, which is a very long time ago, :wink: . And I am still very pleased with it, and also with the oven.

I looked on other people solutions and made mine own - put some insulation on tank side that closer to APO. Works very well. No cracks.

I think the metal tank is a good idea! I was thinking about this myself a while ago. I would pay more for a tank like that too.
I wonder if the aluminum’s natural thermal conductivity would be a problem though? Would it get too hot during cooking? Maybe not with water in the tank… Food for thought…

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I don’t think it would heat up, as the water inside the tank does not get heated.
So it would only be the outside where the steam output is, that would warm up. But then the heat dissipation (and hence the natural cooling effect of the aluminum and the contained water) would mitigate any deformation/heating of the tank.

I’m actually surprised that the Anova engineers didn’t come up with a similar solution.

Obviously, it is visually more attractive to have a transparent tank, but if there’s no other solution, why continue the plastic version?

Personally, the less aluminum exposure my food has, the better. Probably, the aluminum would not leach into the water, but I’d rather not take the chance.

I hear you, although almost all of your and my cooking ware is made of aluminum.
As the water in the tank is not even heated, corrosion is almost zero.

But a stainless steel tank (with a very thin layer then, lol), would also be good, considering the weight of steel)
Glass would also be a substitute, but imagine what it would be if it broke?