Ribeye and Fillet

I’m at the launch pad, awaiting the arrival of my new Precision Cooker, so a complete newbie. My wife likes fillet and myself and my son eat ribeye. Because they are both a beef product, can they be cooked in the same bath, even if it means removing one cut first or does the bath have to be different temps for the two different cuts? Apols if that’s a stupid question.

If you all like them the same as regards being rare or medium, and if they are the same thickness you should be OK at the same temperature and time as the rib eye is already almost as tender as the fillet with just a little more fat.

Brilliant news Sandra. Thank you. We are three medium rare folk :+1: and I just heard my Precision has just been shipped and will arrive Monday/Tuesday. Something to look forward to in these dark times.

I am sure you will all love it. I have recently started searing my steaks with mayonnaise after taking them from the bag as that gets a very good quick sear without having to take as long drying the steaks, you may like to give that a try if you struggle to get a good sear using oil or other means like this guy shows but I just put the mayo on the side of the steak I am going to put in the pan then brush mayo on the other side and as soon as it is on I can turn it over to do that side, I do not bother with the sides or the ends, probably because I can’t afford to have 3 inch thick steaks unfortunately :roll_eyes:

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