Thick Bone-in Ribeyes and Fillets at the Same Time?

I’m prepping food for a gathering and cooking both thick bone-in ribeyes and filets. I was going to cook both at 129 degrees for 2 hours - any suggestions to do otherwise? Maybe cook the ribeyes for an hour first, then add the filets for the last hour? (seems like they don’t need as long). Any suggestions appreciated!

No reason why they can’t be done at the same time. Filet and Ribeye are both low work muscles. They are both naturally tender. They really don’t need anything more than bringing up to temperature. The question would be ‘how thick are they really?’ 2 hours will not bring a 2 inch steak to full temperature, that would take a bit longer.

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Ember is correct in asking how thick are the steaks. Thickness is the key and how you finish. Check out these guys on you tube - they test cooking times, seasoning, and anything you can think of. I check out Novas site for cooking times then I check out