Ribeye steaks

What to impress friends with ribeye inch and a half steaks what is a good way to do this need all the help I can get.

What doneness are you looking for?

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Just got these ribeyes and they are almost 2” thick. Like to do med-rare mine, others med. these things look like a roast. Hope you can help.

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For medium, I’d go for somewhere in the 136 °F range. For medium rare I’d shoot for about 130°F. With the thicknesses you’re describing, if probably go about 2 hours, maybe a little more. When you’re ready to sear: what I do is thoroughly dry the exterior with paper towels and put them in the freezer on a wire rack, for even cooking, for no longer than 10 minutes. Get your pan crazy hot, add oil/ butter/bacon fat to the pan and sear them off.
This is what I personally would do, other folks may recommend other temperatures. I always good for the lower end of the temperature range. I use amazing ribs for the temperature references, though I have also had great results with the temperatures listed in the science of good cooking, the food lab, chefsteps, and other sous vide oriented sources.
I hope that helps and you have good results.
Post your method of cooking, pictures, and how they came out once you’re done.
Good luck!

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Ribeye steaks are my favorite to sous vide. :heart_eyes:

For ~2 inches at medium rare, I would shoot for 1.5 hours at 129F (53.8C). After those are done, you can bump up the temps to 139.5F (59.7C) for medium steaks.

I definitely second @Brian1 on getting your pan VERY hot for your sear. A 30-second sear on each side is long enough.

Let us know how they come out!

Thanks everyone for helping me out. I rubbed with garlic powder,kosher salt and pepper, vac sealed them for about 2hours,got the water to 150 and cooked little over 1hour. When butter melted and oil sizzled, put mine in and seared 15sec per side. Wife Wanted more done so I seared hers maybe 1min per side. First bite she looked at me and just smiled. She said I’m eating a $45 steak in my house. Rubbing in garlic powder really gave me the taste I wanted.
Thanks again.


Thanks for the feedback, you said bump up the temp, but you didn’t say how long to cook at that bump up temp?

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Does the steaks need to be aged Or better questioning… does non-aged steaks need more time? like instead of 2 hours, they need 4 hours…?

You don’t need to age the steaks if you don’t want to. Definitely up to you, though. I don’t age my ribeyes and I usually cook them for about 1.5 - 2 hours at ~131F degrees. You can cook them for up to 4 hours if you like.

Wooow this are the best news I’ve heard in a while… that means, no more buying rib-eyes for 30€/kg but for 15€/kg :smiley:

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