Ribeye holding temp

I grill a delicious ribeye on the Weber. I then want to hold it for two hours so I can play with the grandkids and then have dinner. Can I grill ( temp to 135j, chill steaks, bag them and put them in a bath at 125 deg and hold for 2 hours before serving? What is the time/ temp holding temp?

I suppose you can, though I would set the holding temp to 135F not a lower temperature. Hold time, being over the 129F safe mark could then be 4 hours without noticeable texture degradation. But the crusted finish will be lost somewhat in the process.

I’d go the other way round. Sous vide your steaks and then sear at the last minute to get that grilled crust that everyone loves so much.

Grilling it and then using the Sous Vide defeats all the reasons for Sous Vide. You will likely end up with some shoe leather.

Just follow the recipe in the app for ribeyes… season to taste if you have a preference. But honestly, you can’t mess with perfection.

Thanks, guys. I figured it was not workable , but it would have been an expensive and disappointing experiment.