Sit time after done

I have cut an eye round roast into thick steaks (1.5-2 inches). I plan to seal them into individual bags with a marinade. I want them to be med rare so I plan on 131 degrees temp. It looks like from other sous vide recipes that I can expect about 1-2 hrs cook time. How long after the steaks have come up to 131 degrees can they safely remain in the water at 131 degrees?

Generally speaking, a few hours, possibly even more.

More delicate proteins, like fish, shrimp, eggs etc. can be destroyed by a long hold time like that, but beef is pretty resilient.

I have left some proteins, like tri-tip in for 48 hours and it is tender, juicy, and med-rare when served. I have tried it for a few hours and, not breaking down the collagen, it does not get tender. Personally, I have noted little difference in rib-eyes after 2hrs vs. 10 hours.

That is a big question I have been having. How long to before I “de-bag” the meat item. I am currently cooking boneless skinless chicken breasts at 146 degrees for approximately 1 and 1/2 - 2 hrs.

The eye round roast steaks (1.5 inch) have been in the water (131 degrees) for 26 hours now. just took one out and tried it and it was what I would consider medium doneness, very tender and beautifully infused with the marinade. did not carmelize it so it was like eating a roast.