Eye Round Roast

I’m looking for some advice on cooking a 2 1/2 to 3 pound eye round. Not many recipes since many view it as not the greatest meat. I only found one for a 30 hour cook at 136 degrees F with just salt and pepper as a rub.

Anyone have a favorite recipe on cooking this one.


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@john.jcb might be able to help - seen a couple of posts from him on this.

There might be some useful information here: https://community.anovaculinary.com/search?q=eye%20round

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I have cooked eye round many times…with and without a sous vide. If it’s not done right, you end up with a beautiful but tough piece of meat. 140 at 38 hours will give you some very nice results with a sous vide but the best results in my opinion, for eye round would be to turn your oven up to 400 and put that baby in there for 30 minutes. Turn the oven heat off, do not open the door at all under any circumstances…and let it sit in the hot oven for 2,5 hours. Guaranteed great results.

I like to cook it at around 130°F for 3 or 4 hours and then slice it paper thin. I then put it on crusty french bread and either dip in au jus or make a spread with horseradish and mayonnaise. With the real long cook it comes out very tender like the finest steak.

What is the cutoff time between very tender and “mush” on an eye of round?

That will probably take some experimentation on your behalf, to find just what you like. What you consider mushie might be seen as tender by someone else.

Old thread, but here ya go.
I season the ever lovin’ hell out of it with a spice blend I stole from the head chef at a Chicago area steak house (a good friend of my son). Lawry’s is the main ingredient, plus a bit of garlic powder and black pepper. But salt, pepper, and garlic powder will do just fine - it doesn’t have to be fancy.
I dry brine it overnight, then sear it all around on a hot grill. Seal it up in a Foodsaver bag, then 131F for 24 hours. It’s juicy, tender as all getup, and the flavor will make you cry! You can make a nice gravy from the juice, though you’ll need to strain out the coagulated proteins (yuk!). No need to slice it paper thin, though if you have a good, sharp knife, go for it. Freshly grated horseradish on a crusty Kaiser roll and you’ll think you died and went to freaking heaven!