eye of round roast temp ?.


I tried working this out myself, but I’ve come across too many conflicting temps. I would like a medium rare roast. Here’s what I found
131F-24 hours
135F-30 hours
131F-1 to 2 days
125F-24 hours
I do realize that the 131F temp is repeated in two of the recipes, but I wonder what the extra 24 hours would do, turn the meat to mush?
Also the 6 degree difference with the two 24 hour cook times seems to me, since this is sous vide, to be a lot.
Any thoughts?


As grading of select, choice & premium represent different toughness, they also need different time to create resulting texture you need.

I would not go below 131°F (see baldwin).

Time is tied to texture. SOmetimes you just have to try it to see if it suits your taste. I normally do eye of round for 24 hours @131°F but I use a powered slicer and cut it very thin for sandwiches.


Hi Alex, i agree with John’s method. Try it.
If you want a more tender result add 50% more time sequentially until you are satisfied.

The generally accepted temperature for Medium-Rare is 130F/55C.
For Medium doneness it’s 140F/60C. 135F is for the undecided.

125F for 24-hours is potentially dangerous, and Rare.

6-Hours, or 25% longer is usually hardly perceptible in long cooks.

Hey Alex, if you are cooking a whole eye of the round roast you might want to cut it into two or three pieces. I suggest you package them separately, identifying each one by its respective cook time; 24-hours, 36-hours, and maybe even 48-hours. That way you will discover your preference.

I have not done eye of round for a long time. The grand kids prefer smoked jerky that I make from it when it is on sale.

I’ve yet to sous vide an eye of round. The 131 temp gets you over the recommended 130° temp for pasteurization. It also is at the bottom of the medium rare temp (closer to rare then medium). 131° is the temp I prefer. Time is based on thickness of the cut of meat and the grade. Prime will take less time than Choice and Select. Select will take longer if you are looking for “tender” meat. A Choice cut with good marbling will take the least amount of time (and money) for the best outcome. An eye of round is usually a rather lean cut, so I wouldn’t even consider buying a “prime” cut of this. Just buy an eye of round and start at 131° for however long suits you. Increase or decrease the time based on your results.

thanks my issue has been fixed.

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