Safe to re-use canning lids for making egg bites?

I’m planning to make the egg bites today and wonder if I can re-use the canning lids at a later time, or do they actually vacuum seal and need to be tossed after one use?

If you don’t bend the heck out of them you can use them over and over.

You’re not relying on an air tight seal to keep the product long term as you would be for canning use. They will seal, but if you take care when removing the inside lid they’re fine to reuse.

I use the Weck jars that have glass lids. I reuse the rubber seals several times.

Hi @Islay,

You say you reuse the rubber seals on your Weck jars several times; could you hazard a guess as to how many uses you get from them? I’ve been considering purchase of some and have been wondering if they’d be worth the expense.

Hi, Mirozen
I reckon I get at least a dozen uses out of them, maybe more as I haven’t really paid much attention. The jars are really good. I use them for choclate pots, crème brûlée , confit tuna, egg bites. I want to try individual terrine next.