Salmon parasites

Will 40 minutes at 130 kill parasites from wild salmon?

There’s a really good guide on Douglas Baldwin’s site - you want to use the fatty fish chart as a guide for pasteurizing Salmon (but, if you just want to kill the parasites, so you can do a more tender, lower temperature cook - you could freeze the salmon for at least 24 hours).

Here is the US FDA’s chapter on the subject. Good thing is that following the chart in @fischersd 's post will kill bacteria and parasites in fish. Freezing they want it colder in the freezer than I think most home freezers can manage and for a longer time.


The article referenced on freezing is important for any fish used in sushi or cold smoking. There have been a number of cases here in British Columbia learning the hard way of using fresh unfrozen fish for sushi. :flushed: I’d stick with cooking or hot smoking as recommended.