Salsa in a sous vide??

Can we make salsa in the sous vide? Love to get a recipe if we can. Browsing canning books and they all suggest a water procedure boiling etc… Wouldn’t a lesser temp for a much longer time be ok? Would like to submerge jars. Thank you

Gary, sous vide is a cooking technique, like canning or preserving, not a cooking vessel or piece of cooking equipment. And it’s not a verb either.

If you are planning on making your salsa to be stored at ambient temperature you should more than browse those canning books, particularly the parts where the hazards and severe consequences of improper processing are revealed.

I’ve made a SV Corn Salsa for a Summer party, not for a lengthy period of storage. I used 183F/84C for about 90 minutes in flat quart bags, ice bath chilled, and kept refrigerated.