Tips for cooking an entire meal with sous-vide?

I'm having issues trying to plan meals I cook entirely in the sous vide (other than the final searing for the protein).

All of the veggie recipes I've made ask for fairly high temperatures (160F or higher).

I tend to cook my proteins at a much lower temp (120s - 130s).

How would I go about doing something like meat and veggies?

The only thing I can think of would be to cook the veggies beforehand and keep them in the fridge/freezer, and then just throw my protein in at its normal temperature and then add the cold/frozen veggie pack in for the last 30 mins or so to bring it back up to temperature.

Would the cook/freeze/reheat cycle affect the texture of the vegetables?

Are there ways of cooking the veggies at a lower temperature for a longer time and get the same results as a higher temp / shorter cooking period?

You nailed it.   It’s just what you said: Cook the vegetables first at the higher temp, then plunge the bags into an ice bath to stop the cooking.  Set up the SV at the lower temp, cook the meats and then add the vegetables toward the end to re-heat.

Can’t say I noticed any difference in the taste/texture vegetables that I tried this method with. 

I would skip the full on freezer step though.

Not aware of a longer, low temp option for the vegetables.  At one time I messed around with trying trying it anyway, all I ended up with was undercooked vegetables.

Alternate option (variation, really), depending on the length of your meat cook (ie, not for something like a 2-3 day cook) - 

-cook your veg in full, then decrease the temp on your bath, and then cook the meat, leaving the veg keeping hot in the bath as the meat cooks. Depending on how forgiving the veg in question is to extended time at (even reduced) heat, and I wouldn’t do this for an extended meat cook - but I have had great success doing this with things like potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, onions to go with steak.