1st Cook: How Can I Cook Sous Vide Vegetables?

Alright folks, I have an announcement to make: sous vide isn’t only for meat.

You can definitely cook up kick-ass vegetables with your Anova Precision Cooker. A great thing about sous vide vegetables if that you’re able to keep the nutrients, flavors, and colors contained.

(aka hella tasty, vibrant veggies.)

###Some things to remember about sous vide vegetables:

  1. They typically need to cook at higher temperature than meats (above ~180F).

  2. Experiment. That’s the only way to figure out what you like!

###Popular vegetable recipes from the site:

  1. Sous Vide Green Beans with Mandarin & Hazelnuts

  2. Sous Vide Schmaltzy Brussels Sprouts

  3. Sous Vide Corn

  4. Sous Vide Tomato Confit

###Common Veggie Questions:

1) Can I cook vegetables and meats at the same time?

Because vegetables are typically cooked at higher temperatures than meats, you’ll have to improvise a little bit. A way to do this is to cook your vegetables first, then drop the temps to cook the meat. You can keep your veggies warm in the bath while the proteins cook.

2) What do I do if my vegetables float?

Veggies can be a finicky thing when it comes to floating. Not only do you have to worry about air, but sometimes vegetables may give off gasses that can make the bags bloat. But no worries - there’s a few additional tips to make sure those darn things stay down.

You can also check out this blog post: Simple Fixes for Floating Bags

There’s an ongoing thread on here on How To Keep Bags From Floating.

3) Why are my vegetables still hard (not tender)?
Either your temperatures were off, or they weren’t cooked for long enough. I recommend following a recipe for time + temps. There are many on our app and on our recipes site.

4) Can I use a jar to sous vide vegetables?
Yep, you can. One example includes sous vide beans and lentils in canning jars. Other things you can sous vide in a jar include sous vide pickled spring onions, sous vide squash casserole, and sous vide vegetable stock.

Also check out our 5 tips for precision cooking in canning jars.

5) I need more help on how to cook vegetables? How can I get that?
You can either ask away here, on our Facebook group, or even ask our support team (they’re foodies too!)

6) What do I do if vegetables emit gas/air during its cook?
-You can leave the bag partially open (about an inch) to allow air to escape. Make sure to keep the unsealed opening out of the water. You can find more info on how you can prevent/remove air from vegetables here.

###Because I know everyone in here LOVESSSSS GIFs.

Mmm broccoli.

###If you have any additional tips, recipes, suggestions, or want to add to this topic - just comment below.