Why so few sous vide Vegs?

Hi everybody. I think I’m beggining to practice with vegetables and fruits only. Perhaps with fishes too. I’m a little tired of meats and to get tasty-jelly t-bones. After dozens of steaks I don’t see the advantage of sous vide cooking. I really prefer the traditional way for cooking good meats

To each their own.

Sous vide veg need to be cooked at higher temperatures to allow for pectin conversion, 84C/183F. They can also be mighty frustrating, because of their tendency to float.

Green vegies like broccoli and spinach may not sous vide well as the process seems to enhance the bitter compounds contained in them.


I think you just don’t like the idea of waiting two hours to eat a steak. After 40+ years of cooking steaks over charcoal and gas grills or under broilers, I’m sorry I didn’t find my way to sous vide sooner. There is no other way to perfectly cook a batch of steaks.

I think the reason there aren’t more veggie recipes is the fact that most people don’t own multiple circulators, and they cannot cook steaks at 130F and veggies at 190F simultaneously. I recognized that challenge early on and currently have three Anovas.

Many in this Community don’t appear to realize the SV cooking technique is as much a cooking system as a method. As a system it allows you to precisely cook multiple similar meal components at one time and break with the old fashioned cook-serve technique.

Vegetables can be batch cooked in advance very successfully. Cooking a dozen or two cobs of corn requires very little more time and effort than a few and the result is far superior than any other cooked corn.

That’s the idea, but it’s hard to find reliable temperatures/times tables. Sometime I feel like pioneer fighting with leeks and artichokes

Temperatures are relatively easy. Anything over 84C/184F to denature the pectin. Time as always is dependent on the final texture you want.