Sauce Béarnaise

Been experimenting with hollandaise based sauces as making a fresh Béarnaise whilst cooking steaks is an extra stress / hassle I could do without.

I really dislike the store bought hollandaise style sauces, so figured that my Anova tools should be able to save the day.

I have published the method and it works great, is easy to work into the timing of cooking a steak.

It also keeps in the fridge for a day or so and freezes well too.

Thought I would share it as it is really great and tastes so much better than the jars.

Same technique can be used for plain hollandaise, just don’t use the garlic or tarragon.

Interesting approach to making the sauce but I think you’ve unnecessarily added an hour to the process. All of the steps you take in preparing the sauce are the ones you’ll find in any blender style béarnaise sauce. The hour for the eggs and butter is overkill as you can simply melt the butter to about 180 F, toss in the eggs with the hot tarragon/vinegar mixture into a stick blender and then pour in the butter. Run the stick blender at a fairly low speed. Et voila-- béarnaise sauce! I like the idea of saving leftovers in a vacuum seal bag. I typically spoon my leftover onto a cling wrap sheet and then roll it into a sausage. Refrigerate and you have herb butter to slice off when cooking a steak!