Recipe for Beurre Monté?

Does anyone have one? Is it possible to use the sous vide method for beurre monté?


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It needs to be whisked the entire time it is being prepared so I am not sure how you would prepare it… Pouring it into mason jars after it is made and keeping it warm in a bath should work.

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This is what I was also thinking (the whisking part) saw a video online on how to create this sous vide, but it didn’t have time/temps/additional instructions.

Alyssa, as John says, - to emulsify a butter and water mixture you have to gradually incorporate the melted butter into the water by mechanically breaking it into tiny droplets that stay evenly dispersed. I’ve not seen that done in a closed environment.

You might be thinking of Thomas Keller’s famous recipe for Beurre-Monté Poached Lobster from The French Laundry. In it he adds the beurre monté to the lobster meat in the sous vide bag before cooking. It’s amazingly delicious as the lobster juices mingle with the sauce.

You can hold beurre monté warm at the rear of your cooktop too. If you have induction, setting #1 will do.

Beurre monté can be refrigerated or frozen and reused. Just reheat it very gently, below 180F, as in a sous vide bath which is possibly what you saw on the internet. Or you can use it in your regular cooking.

For an extra-delicious and juicy sous vide steak experience for you and your guests, after searing, try resting your steaks in a shallow pan of warm beurre monté to keep them from loosing any of their juices as you assemble your plates for service. The science behind this technique is the sauce is more dense than the meat juices so pressure keeps them inside your steaks instead of running out.

Happy cooking.

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Thanks guys this information is super helpful. I bumped into this video on the interwebs. Peeked my curiosity, but I didn’t have any clear instructions (along with time + temps), so I was wondering if there were any sous vide recipes floating around. I understand it can be reheated or kept warm through sous vide, but I was wondering if it was at all possible to use the sous vide method alone to make beurre monte. Looks like the answer is ‘probably not’, since it does need to be agitated during its cooking process. :confused:


Thanks for sharing the video Alyssa, - but I’ll take my Beurre Monté without any bits of glass please.

How someone could whack a glass containing food with the metal shaft of an immersion blender is totally beyond my comprehension. And we wonder how restaurants get foreign objects into guests’ food.

The technique employed in the video can also be used to make small batches of hollandaise and similar sauces.

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