Save Your Own Recipes (In App)

Hmmm I can look into this for you. Also, are you using a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi cooker?

I have the wifi unit. I just cooked a brisket yesterday and chicken breast today and it didn’t save them either.

Has a fix for not being able to save recipes been found? I got my Anova and app in January and haven’t been able to save recipes.

Hey :slight_smile:

Do you have iOS or Android?

I’m using iOS

Oh, that’s weird. Reinstalling or upgrading to the most current app?

Updating the app has enabled recipe saving. Unfortunately now, my wifi timer is now malfunctioning and it looks like that’s a common issue. Thank you for your suggestion, hopefully the devs fix the timer bug soon tho. It looks like a lot of other people have been experiencing that issue.

When you say your Wi-Fi timer is malfunctioning, what exactly are you experience with it?

Mine not working with iphone 6. Enter all - name, temp, and time. Press start - cook and later when I go to use the recipe it’s not there.

how do I reinstall or update - only purchased a month ago?

Hey @Valerie_Hughes sorry for just getting back to you. I went ahead and relayed this to our team to get this fixed. Thank you so much for your patience.

Been adding my recipes for a couple of months now and when I was cooking yesterday none were there anymore, nor was i able add any again.
Running IOS latest version 2.8.11…

Running the WIFI unit

It’s really tough for me to pinpoint what the issue was here. But if you contact support, they will be able to troubleshoot and find a resolution for you.

Android discrimination chat and company.

Looks like the My Recipes functionality is gone from the latest app? Is there an announcement or a way I can find my recipes that I had saved before?

Oh no, not another Anova blunder? :-1: