Saving Recipes on the Anova site

Hi, is it possible to save recipes once logged into the website? it’d also be great to print them including the pictures. 

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Agreed - it would be nice to have a print option on the page, but here's an alternative.

I'm a big fan of the Paprika Recipe Manager app (have it for my Mac, iPhone and iPad - but it's also available for Android and Windows).

I just did a test of the browser functionality in Paprika and imported the Chicken Breast recipe from the Anova site - imported it flawlessly (including the picture).   

Then you can print from Paprika (or e-mail it to friends from within the app - with your own customizations added) :)

I would also like to be able to save recipes from the main page. I usually get the emails at work, and I’d would like to be able to find again the ones that look good.

I installed Paprika a while ago on my home computer, but never really got to using it. I’ll see if it’s still around next time I boot it up. Looks like $3 to get it on the tablet, which I actually use while cooking.

All of you are in luck! You know have the ability to save and print recipes. More info on this announcement topic:

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