Serving temp - interesting article

So, I was daydreaming about all the wonderful things I’m gonna cook and how convenient it’s going to be… (Seriously, don’t interrupt my fantasy, where the box finally arrives and out pops mr. Anova looking very much like Lumier from Beauty and the Beast, and he sings as flying garlands of garlic drape around my kitchen and plates and silverware dance their way to the table in front of tidy appreciative children who marvel between bites at such delicious healthy food lovingly prepared by their beautiful and perfectly coiffed mother while my husband loving looks at me admiring my long, stockinged legs that peak out from below an adorable apron, commenting on how complete his life is and that he has just paid off our mortgage.)

Anyhow… So, I’ve been thinking that I want to get the most out of the convenience factor and do some batch cooking that I can reheat for busy weeknight meals and I was wondering what ideal serving temp is and came across this article some of you might find interesting…

Interesting. Other benefits to eating food that has had a chance to cool include a reduced number of mouth ceiling burns.