Sharing the oven (multiple users, remote connection)


I share the oven with my sister, we live in different towns

Is it possible to connect more than one phone to the sae oven? (I didn’t dare try by myself because it was cumbersome to succeed in connecting the first one, I am afraid of ruining everything trying to connect a second)

Also: is it possible to connect the app to the oven from outside the local wifi? I mean, using the cellular data plan from the other town

Thank you very much!

Hey Leo! Yes, to add another user simply click “manage users” and have the other phone scan the QR code. It will automatically pair. Yes, as long as the oven is connected to a home Wifi, you can control the oven from anywhere you have a data connection.


Fantastic, thanks!

Will try it first thing tomorrow morning :slight_smile:

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God! But where can I find the “Manager users” option to add another phone?

Open your “anova oven” app
Tap “more” on the bottom right corner
You will find “manage users” there

I wish we could have that for the APC … such a long time requested feature

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