App control of >1 oven?

Blown away by how much better the relatively petite APO is compared to my now defunct Smeg Opera range cooker.

Did a run earlier today of 6, 6 cookie, batches of Emily Farris’s cookie program ‘how steam speeds up cooking’. Perfect results each time using Clifford Stoll’s Cuckoo’s Egg cookie recipe.

I was so impressed by earlier results with my pre-December 2020 order that I got in April 2021 that I bought a second APO a couple of weeks after at a crazy BREXIT-inflated price. Nonetheless, having 2 has transformed my cooking regimen.

However, the Anova APO app only seems to allow a connection to one APO. Using one APO in ‘simple’ manual mode is fine, or I can use a second account and a spare iPhone to control one of them. Ideally I’d like to be able to swipe between ovens in the app.

Are there any plans to update the APO app to support control of more than one oven? Or perhaps an integrated ANOVA app that would support cooking with all ANOVA devices you might own?

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Do not expect too much, if you do a search on “multicook” you’ll see a similar feature that was requested for the APC years ago, it was even announced UPDATE: MultiCook + MultiStep Function and never came to light

There is no way to add 2 ovens to one device at this stage. The workaround is another device. Will pass this feedback along to the team!

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Stay tuned!

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GREAT news: latest update allows to connect several wifi cookers!!! (I understand there is a technical limitation to only one bluetooth cooker :wink:

Let’s hope the same feature will be coming to the oven soon

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