Managing Multiple Anovas

I am considering buying a 2nd Anova. I have a big family and we’re equally split on Med vs Med Rare. My experience with trying to sear the MRare to Med hasn’t been great.

Can the APP control two Anova devices?

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Not yet.

There is a “multi-cook” function (control multiple cookers), along with a “multi-step” function (user programmable intervals for temperature changes) that is supposed to be out in Q4 (October IIRC). Although considering their software track record, I wouldn’t hold my breath for anything.

The catch is, if it ever comes out, it’s only slated to work with the Nano and Wi-Fi unit. Even though the Nano is bluetooth only and the logic/control of all these features are being done on the app, not the device, Anova has chosen to exclude the BT units, which communicate the same way as the Nano.

When repeatedly asked about why, Anova as company suffers from a case of integrity failure and refuses to even acknowledge the existence of the question.

So, if you have wi-fi or a nano unit, maybe you’ll get lucky and get something someday.

Currently the app cannot control more than one cooker at a time. But, we’re working on the multi-cook feature to allow this. I’ll give more updates on this as they come.