Any news about Multiccok?

It’s quite a while that I don’t see any update about the Multicook feature on the App. I do have three APC, at the moment I have one connected to my iPhone, the second to my iPad and I use the third manually.
It would be very nice to control them all from the same device.
It was supposed to be released in 2018… but I couldn’t find any status news,
Does anyone can help me?
Thanks in advance, Matteo

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They’ve basically ignored all requests for this simple implementation that a 14 y/o programmer could do, and that many other similar apps do - handle multiple devices, while making empty promises about it.

They don’t listen to their customers, nor care.

Hi Matteo! Unfortunately, at this stage there is no update on that time frame and it is not actively being developed at this time.

We listen and we care. With a small team we must prioritize resources, but assure you that your feedback and concern is heard and recognized and valid!