Multiple Cookers in Anova App?

Can I connect/control multiple cookers with the Anova app?

This was certainly advertised for the Nano (and, as there really wasn’t a technical reason for not allowing it for the other cookers, thought it would be as well), but I haven’t seen any updates on this feature since:

Edit: Found another link…not looking good, still:

Been begging for this with Customer service for years. I have 3 WiFi and 1 BT cooker, and can only control one of the WiFis at a tine. Very irritating, and even more so the continual promises as to how it’s “just around the corner.”

For God’s sake, a 14 year old could program it. In a few hours.
I dumped all my programming tools years ago, or I’D do it.

I have two Joule sous vide units and can select either one to utilize with the app. The app can be used from my phone or my tablet.

I also have two Anova Precision Cooker Pro units. I have been able to use the Anova app with wi-fi locally and remotely via my phone. In looking through the app I have been unable to determine a way to address a second Precision Cooker Pro unit. I also have been unable to just launch the app on the tablet without having to create a connection to it, something that I’ve held off of doing because it appears it will change/override the phone apps ability to talk to the unit. I’m not interested in having to reconnect the app manually over and over.

The different discussions referenced in this thread are puzzling. This should be something simple to be implemented in your user interface. I fail to understand how a program that supports a professional implement can be limited to one unit. I do realize that it can be controlled manually and while that makes it useful, it does not allow you to track temps and time via the app for more than one unit, forcing you to track additional units manually.

This lack of progress seems (from information previously posted) to go back for at least two years.

Is this ever going to be forthcoming in the Anova App?