She likes it medium rare to medium; I like rare to medium rare

I’m sure the answer has been posted before but…:slight_smile:

She likes her filet mignon medium rare to medium; I mine like rare to medium rare. I cook mine for 2 hrs at 130, finish in cast iron skillet. Perfection!!

How do I get hers to her liking and be able to eat at the same time.

Cook hers, lower the temp, leave hers in the bath, cook yours

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Makes sense. Would it work to put both in at same time & temp, take mine out and then raise temp for her’s & cook another hour?

You could do it that way, but while hers is coming up to her desired doneness, yours will be cooling down

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Your post title gives you your solution—cook both to “medium rare”.

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Cook till mediem rare

Work out the time required for yours, subtract it from the time to do hers and just add yours in at room temp after that time has elapsed. Easy.

Good advice from all. Thank you

You are a cap in kitchen,just cool like you want

I agree. Cook till medium rare.