Shipping charges for 220v UK plug

Hi, few days back, when i was looking at Anova website to get myself a 220v UK plug model, I saw the option to ship it using DHL at only 25bucks to Singapore.

Just few hours back when I made up my mind and went ahead with the purchase, the DHL option is no longer available for all three 220v UK, EU, AU plug. the cheapest option is parcelforce, which will cost me like 73 dollars to get it shipped to Singapore. However the 120v US model is available for shipping with DHL at 25bucks to Singapore but since we are running 220v here, I won’t be able to use it without a stepdown transformer.

It seems to me you guys have a warehouse in Hongkong, but running out of all 220v models? Or is there a glitch on your website?

I have already placed an order for the 220v UK plug and have it shipped to a forwarding company in U.S. to cut down my shipping charges. If it is really a glitch with the shipping selection on your website, please let me know as I would prefer to top up the difference and get it shipped to Singapore directly using DHL. Thanks!

Hey Josh - We’re out of inventory at the HK warehouse which is why you’re seeing an increased shipping rate. We’re expecting more inventory there within one week :slight_smile:

I’ll update this thread when it arrives.

hey Bill, Thanks for the quick update. :slight_smile:

However, I have already ordered a 220v UK set and have it shipped to a forwarder company in the U.S. It is not shipped yet though since I just placed my order.

Would it be possible for me to put the shipment on hold, pay you guys the 25.xx USD extra and have it shipped directly from HK to me instead when the stocks arrive at HK warehouse?

@joshuatan1984 - definitely possible but sort of tricky. Send me an email to and mention that you spoke with me (Bill) and it’ll assign to me. From there we’ll communicate via email on the next steps :slight_smile:

Hi Bill,

I have sent you an email. From the same mail box that I have received the Anova purchase confirmation.

Let’s see if something can be done :slight_smile:

Many thanks for your fast response

Bill, have u received my email?

Yup, replied!