Shipping country and some questions

Hi, I have made up my mind to buy this fantastic machine for my 1-year-old twin girls. Here are some questions;

  1. I’d like to know where shipped from. US or another country?(I live in South Korea, 220v)

  2. If I buy the KOR/EU plug model, do I need to get a voltage transformer?

  3. Does this make some noises as cooking? I don’t want to attract babies with curiosity.

Thank you.

Hey @Doione! :slight_smile:

  1. It’s shipped from different places. Depends where you’re at and which one is closest to you.

  2. Where are you planning on using the device? You can just pick the correct plug type that corresponds with your locale! If you choose the KOR/EU plug type and you’re using it in either Korea or Europe, the plug will work just fine.

  3. It’s super quiet. :sunglasses:

Many thanks @AlyssaWOAH!!
Now, the last step, my wife’s permission. Fingers crossed!

  • Just installed APP, I found everything I want to know :slight_smile:
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Hope she says yes! Let her know she can get amazing food from it! :wink: