Single layering my food

It is often recommended to single layer the meat for better heat penetration, but that is not always possible such as with a 4 lbs. pork butt that i cut up and placed in a bag. What variables do i need to take into account when the meat is not single layered in the vac bag?

Just treat it the same way you would have before cutting it up.

You’ll just need to add time to your cook, considering its overall thickness.

Whoa there! The most important variable is thickness. That would be the thickest dimension of the pork in the bag. That always determines cooking time because for quality you want even cooking.

Weight doesn’t matter, but four pounds of butt isn’t all that much. That’s off the bone now with the skin removed, right? You are cooking not much more than a thick leg steak.

I would massage the bagged cut pieces into approximately the same thickness to achieve even cooking. If your bags are too small, use two, or more, - they are cheap.

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