Size of pot

I have a roasting pan 16 inches long X 12 inches wide by about 4+ inches deep that holds 3 gallons of water. will the Precision Cooker move enough water if I hang six to eight filets side by side around the edge? Have only done two filets and ny stops in smaller taller pan prior.

I just checked my PC and the minimum water depth is 2 3/4", so you’re well within the range depth-wise (though, if you’re doing a long cook you should take measure to minimize evaporation.  Doing so will also help the PC maintain the temperature as you’ll have an insulative buffer.

The volume of water isn’t a problem - my Cambro is 4.5 gallons and it’s fine.

Now - putting the filets along the side - you want to have some way of holding it out from the side, so the entire filet is surrounded by water, so you ensure even cooking.  Having it against the side will mean that side will be cooler.

Depending on the thickness of the filets, you could always use a rib rack or sous vide rack in the pan to ensure they have good spacing.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile: