Discrepancy in ANOVA Pro Capacity!?

The ANOVA Product page for the ANOVA Pro, https://anovaculinary.com/anova-precision-cooker-pro/, states the following:

“1200 watts of power, a flow rate of 12 Liters per minute, and a motor guaranteed to run constantly for continuous weeks on end – the Anova Precision® Cooker Pro is an absolute workhorse with the ability to heat and circulate up to 26 gallons of water at a time. Whether cooking a weeknight meal for the family or an all out holiday feast for the neighborhood, this is the tool for the job.”

However, the actual specifications in the user manual that came with my ANOVA pro states that it only has a capacity of around 15 gallons.

Has anyone else noticed this MAJOR discrepancy?

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I own and enjoy the mid size Anova for household use.
I just received the Anova Pro but have not opened the box because of this contradiction. I need the full capacity advertised online to cook multiple sirloin tip roasts totalling 66lbs (30 L vol) to feed 100 seniors at special events. I understand that a rule of thumb is to use at least three times as much water volume as food volume. I had intended to use 100 Liters of water in a 120L thermal cooler chest and mount the sous vide through a drilled out hole in the thermal lid.
I don’t want to buy and adapt an expensive therma; chest if the heater is inadequate. I must return it unless I can be reassured.


Don you might want to contact Anova SUPPORT for a clarification of their specifications particually considering you plan to use an insulated and covered cooking vessel.

I have no experience with the Pro model however i have used similar Poly Science circulators in commercial settings. You should be successful using the Pro model in an insulated 120l vessel at typical meat cooking temperatures. Pulled beef could be a challenge.

I detest waste. You may want to reconsider your service needs. The commonly accepted standard of 3 ozs edible portion is used in production planning for serving people 65 and older using the SV technique. A licensed Dietician will confirm that seniors require no more that one 2oz and one 3oz portion of protein daily for health and weight maintenance. Consider that with a typical 25% shrinkage and trim factor you could only require about 25 pounds of meat. Five ounce portions will require about 40 pounds and there will likely be waste.

Well if you find out what the deal is let me know. I’m in the same boat and bought this with the intention of being able to use this as part of my catering arsenal, and I would definitely need the full 25 gallon capacity at some point.

It would be nice if someone from ANOVA responded.

You might find the Anova folks more responsive if you and others seeking information on their products redirected your inquiries to SUPPORT, that’s where they hang out.

COMMUNITY is only a forum for Anove users and home cooks to share SV cooking technique information.

25 gallons is an industrial-sized vessel that might be better suited to a higher power circulator. Or, - have you considered batch cooking?

It’s been my observation that no one mentions chilling capacity when discussing commercial activities in this forum. It is equally important as cooking capacity along with ample refrigerated holding capacity for food safety. For social catering you won’t need an ice builder but you will need a significant amount of ice. Buying it is often the most cost effective method.

I’ve sent Anova an email and the URL to this thread, hopefully they will clarify our questions.

I’ve not been around this group long enough to notice anything other than SV related posting. Chilling capacity is definitely a challenge, but my guess is that folks with those concerns are not posting in an SV community.

Of course the Anova folks are aware of this forum but it appears they only respond to flagged inappropriate posts and otherwise provide no input or response.

They do have a knowledgable employee who participates actively on their f’book public group #anovafoodnerd family.

You’re absolutely correct about matters concerning the chilling of SV cooked menu items not getting much attention here yet it is a critical factor to ensure consistently high quality and safe food.

In commercial operations benefiting from the SV technique of cooking some planning thought also needs to be given to thawing frozen cooked items. While some refrigeration capacity is necessary, air citculation over all surfaces is most important in achieving even tempering.

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Hey Don,
I confirmed with Anova via email that the 26 gallon rating is valid. According to the person I spoke to, the Anova pro is rated at 26 gallons when it’s used in conjunction with a lid.

I too would like to convert a cooler with an insulated lid. I’d love to see your setup when you complete yours. Which cooler are you planning on using?

Thanks for the portion control advice. My wife would agree with you. But the last time I made beef for this crown, 63 lbs of pot roast, plus all the usual vegies & breads, there was not an ounce left! Any left overs get packaged and sold as take-outs for a bargain price

Don, of course it’s always useful to knowthe capacity and preferences of your guests.

What are you fattening them up for?