Small frozen steak - Two burning questions

Hi all!
I am brandie new to sous vide cooking and excited about cooking my first steak!

Can a steak be cooked via sous vide from frozen or must be thawed first?

What recipe modifications must I make to Time and Temperature to cook a small (3 - 4 ounce) filet mignon that is only about 1/2 inch thick? Or is this too small for this cooking method and apparatus?

I have the 900W model.

Many thanks

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With any kind of steak you’re not doing much more than bringing it up to temperature. A piece that thin needs little more than 30 mins to do that. About 45 from frozen. Round it of to a neat hour for simplicity. You could make it 2 hours if you want. The extra time isn’t going to do anything bad.

With such a thin steak you will need to be so extremely careful and perfect when you sear it that I really wouldn’t bother with sous vide in this instance.

Thaw it in the bottom of the fridge and flash it through a screaming hot pan.