Smoking and freezing

Can I smoke a brisket and then freeze it to Sous vide later? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

I don’t have much insight on smoking meat, but @Ember and might be able to help.

Sorry, I haven’t really got a lot to input on this one. My smoking experience with beef is rather limited.

Smoke flavour sticks to the surface of the meat. I’m not sure how strong that ‘cling’ is as to weather it would be lessened by the freeze/thaw process.

I do a lot of “sous vide Q” (SV + smoking), mostly with brisket and pork shoulders, and I’ve not had any problem with smoke flavor being noticeably diminished for leftovers that I’ve vac packed and frozen.

The more I think about it, why would you not complete the entire process before freezing? This would give you a safer product and one that would also last better in the freezer.

I have never tried what you describe.

I like my smoked meats done the traditional way. I do want to experiment with a brisket at some point. It is such a big piece of meat and eating the results gets old. I am tired of brisket after cooking and finishing one.