Sous Vide a Bottom Roast 1 day prior to serving... Then What?

My 2.5 pound roast will take 30 hours and will be done Saturday 11pm. I will be serving it the following day on Sunday around 5pm. Does anyone have any suggestions how to store and reheat this for Sunday??
There will be 16 hours in between it being done and serving. I was thinking…

  1. give it an ice bath immediately
  2. store in fridge in same bag it cooked in
  3. Sunday sous vide at the same temp I cooked it at (140) for 2 hours before serving
  4. sear it

Yes…No? HALP!!!

Exact process I would follow. Only little thing I do to save some mess is to wrap the bad in a kitchen towel after the ice bath to keep any excess water from dripping.

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Uli, please calm down so you don’t wear out your ! key.

You might have adjusted your start time to better fit with your mealtime unless you are too busy Saturday.

  1. yes
  2. yes
  3. maybe
  4. yes

Seasoned users here have learned to think it terms of meat’s thickness not weight. The shape of your roast possibly right out of the refrigerator got you the maybe.

Hahaha yes I was panicked. We had to leave all day saturday for a day wedding (eye roll) so this was the only time I can do it. Thank you so much for your response and I understand the maybe :slight_smile:


From my experience of SV-ing roast pieces, I’ve decided that I will time it such that I can almost immediately serve it. Reason for that being I’ve had some really prize winning roasts before, served, then put left overs in vac bag, then frozen or refrigerated. At time of reserving, I’d give it another SV bath for quite a bit of time, but by the time you serve it it is quite cold and seemed to have lost its rosy pinkish hues.

So for me, since I’ll be at the wedding anyway with nothing to worry about, i’d finish it just before it;s serving time… Good luck!