Storage of meat after using the sous vide

Hello! I am cooking rack of lamb for dinner tomorrow, but I won’t be cooking from home. I plan to use the sous vide at home first and then finish off by grilling at elsewhere. The sous vide recipe says to submerge and cook the meat for four hours. How do I store it if I were to cook it three hours later? Appreciate your advice and experience in this. I am a sous vide newbie!!

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You can shock chill the meat in an ice bath and refrigerate it then reheat and finish it at the other end of your journey.

Or, you can extend the cooking right up to the last minute if the journey is only a short one. I’ve transported meat wrapped in a towel for a very short journey and either put it back in the cooking box or into the oven for finishing at the other end.


Hey @Ember thank you for answering this!

Also BIG WELCOME to @LizaQ