Sous Vide Celsius Appstore


Has anyone used or purchased this app in the appstore.
Would like to ask your feedback on this before I purchase it.

There is this post about it on these forums about that app.

I’m waiting for the official Anova app to come out before I think about purchasing either of the paid apps with Anova support. The iOS version is supposed to be going through the Apple approval process right now so it should be out very soon assuming they pass.

I waited for the same reason. Unfortunately the free app is a swing and a miss.

I waited for the same reason. Unfortunately the free app is a swing and a miss.

@GoodReina - We’d love to hear your thoughts! If you wouldn’t mind, could you send a note to Thanks!

I purchased the SousVide Dash app but I don’t yet have a cooker. I have also downloaded the Anova app.

Neither app is impressive at all. Neither does more really than give a wonky electronic version of data that is already in Baldwin’s book or website. The Anova app is really disappointing as it really gives no information at all and is apparently useful only as a link directly to the device and as a limited and poorly edited cookbook (why are several recipes repeated multiple times???). The SousVide Dash app doesn’t have the glossy cookbook feature but instead basically runs an algorithm to determine cooking time based on parameters you set. If it means something to you that, for example, an egg from the refrigerator (41F) cooked at 170.6F requires 16:09 minutes to reach a core temp of 143.6F, then you’ll be delighted. To me it is just a nerdy alternative to looking up a table in Baldwin’s book which most people probably have anyway.

Neither app gives any guidance at all on cooking times for frozen ingredients which to me is a mistake. Sure, add 30 minutes to recommended refrigerator times as a rule of thumb but if we are using rules of thumb, why bother with an app that will calculate cooking time to the millisecond.

Neither app is ready for primetime as a useful cooking tool IMO.

@IslandTractor Thank you for sharing, I’ll go through this with the team. We’ll be releasing future builds and the connected experience of the Precision Cooker will get better and better.

Regarding the timing - sous vide is a method based more on the precise temperature the food is cooked at as opposed to the time, which is why timing is often given through general guidelines. Of course, there will be minimum cook times for foods but the worry of over-cooking isn’t as much of an issue.

Thank you JordanHouston. My concern with timing when cooking from frozen (home freezer) is not about cooking too long but rather needing to know the additional time necessary to be added to the calculated minimum cook time bases on refrigerated start. Baldwin’s book and the Sous Vide Dash app both show only times calculated on refrigerator (4C) start temp. Clearly frozen food will require more time. Some suggest 30min extra but that is clearly not accurate as a frozen mahimahi filet would thaw much faster than say a thick pork chop. I imagine the same mathematical formula used to derive minimum cook times from refrigerated temp would be applicable with perhaps a fudge factor related to state change. I have a hard time thinking that the food industry hasn’t worked this out so don’t understand why neither Baldwin nor Sous Vide Dash nor the Anova app seem to address this point. It would be very convenient to have portions vacuum sealed and frozen which can simply be plunked into the appropriate sous vide cooking temp bath and know when dinner will be ready.

@IslandTractor Yes, 30 minutes is a good frame of reference for additional time when cooking from frozen and you raise an excellent point about the type of protein. I’ve actually done steak and fish straight from the freezer to the pot (once the water meets specified temp) and 30 extra was fine for both because the time and temp recommended for each protein already accounted for the difference in the meat’s density and connected tissue. Also, sous vide is going to bring the meat up to the same temp throughout instead of thawing from the outside in, which may be another factor behind the 30-minute recommendation.

To your point about the lack of info on this particular subject - we’ve had conversations about it, it’s on our radar. We’ll keep you in the loop with any developments. :slight_smile:

Thank you!