Sous Vide Cooking for the Week

Hi All,
I did many time perfect dinner and perfect meal with this amazing Sous Vide following exactly the recipes.
I red many interviews about how people are organising the week and prepare the meal in advance for the entire week and then just sear at the time desired.
Maybe I am wrong, but if someone can explain how it can be possible that?
Thank you to all this amazing community!

Daniele, easy, it starts with planning.

Most families live on about a dozen favourite main course items.
What are yours? Make your list and recall how often you serve them in a reasonable period of time and rank them according to frequency.
You probably don’t want to know what to call your list, but i’m going to tell you anyway so you can find the folder on your computer.
Call it Acceptability Factors, because that’s what it is.
Most people serve the most popular menu items most frequently. Those are the items you want to prepare in advance.

How does a 4 week menu cycle sound? I live alone so it suits me. If you have a large family to cook for it might not be suitable.
Too much? It’s your list, you decide.

Starting with your favourites on the list pick those that are most suitable for SV cooking. Consider the number of portions you require for a meal and vacuum packaging, with the respective Acceptability Factor for each item staying aware of your storage capacity of course. You will need to batch cook those meal-sized SV packages according to your water vessel’s capacity. Don’t overload it, water circulation is essential.

You can also batch cook products that require approximately the same temperature, like pork chops and chicken breasts at 145F. Separately packaged carrots and potatoes can also be batch cooked at 190F.

There’s ample Community detail for you here on heating SV cooked food.

Thanks for sharing. Glad to know about it.

Thank you for this reply. All is well noted. But just to make clear. Of I am not wrong people are preparing the meals and store in the fridge and once it’s time for the food /meal they will sear accordingly.
Let me known if SV method work like that.thank you

Daniele, i skipped over some details for the sake of brevity which sometimes escapes me. To be completely clear give yourself all the basic knowledge for successful SV cooking by learning and using the information at this site:

For food safety it’s particularly important you learn and use the Pasteurization method of SV cooking for advance meal preparation. Limit refrigerated storage to a week, longer term - freeze. Baldwin has all the details for heating and cooling food in table format, use them.

When you near meal time remove your choice of food from the refrigerator or freezer and reheat using your Anova or simply in pot of water gently heated to just below its original cooking temperature. Monitor water temperature if you use the later method using your digital probe thermometer. Don’t have one? Don’t guess as so many do, get one. No serious cook/baker can function without one. Baldwin will reveal the length of time to thoroughly reheat food according to its thickness.

Next it’s time to decant, thoroughly dry, season, sear and serve on heated plates, garnish optional.
Clear enough?